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Manufacturing Process

During the whole manufacturing process we at S.S. Agro foods take intense care while maintaining the quality of the products. Each and every step is looked after carefully to ensure that the manufacturing standards are taken care of in order to provide the customers with the product of utmost quality. We take special care during harvesting so that none of the products get damaged or quality compromised. Our products because of our superior process have an ideal taste which adds a tasty and healthy touch to the consumer’s food consumption. Sweet Corn or Sugar corn is one of the varieties of maize which is high on sugar content. Sweet corn is picked up when at immature of milk stage rather than waiting for them to dry or mature like in case of field corn. The process of maturity in case of sweet corn involves the conversion of sugar into starch, because of which they have to be consumed before they become dry and tough. We at S.S. Agro Foods make sure that the sweet corns we manufacture have a rich taste and to ensure that we process the kernels by de-husking & de-kernelling sweet, soft, & juicy cobs of sweet corn. The kernels are distinctively washed, blanched, and dried off after separating them manually. The product after that is passed through quick freezer (IFQ) or deep frozen in a blast freezer before getting inspected, sieved and packed before delivery. The product is then passed through metal detector for safety and security purposes. At S.S. Agro Foods we make sure that strict hygienic conditions are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. The sweet corn which is harvested at a comparatively early stage when compared to the field corn is processed early to increase the shelf life. We have dedicated agriculturists and other experts who make sure that the harvesting & the processing standards are maintained. We with the help of our experts make sure that the corns are harvested at the optimal maturity stage; this helps us in ensuring high yield and maturity. We take care that the moisture content of the product is perfect during harvesting so that the freezing and canning is hassle free. With the help of our experts and efficient technique we make sure that the harvesting of our products is done at the perfect maturity stage. This makes our products sweet, tender, milky, plump, and of perfect size with all their nutrients intact. As a company with mission and vision of satisfying the needs of the consumers by delivering high quality products we continuously keep on searching for new and better efficient methods which can help with the harvest. We follow industry standards and all the modern quality and assurance techniques in order to make sure that the product we produce is best in class. The manufacturing of our packed products involve a set of processes that ensure the high quality as well as delivery. We make sure that none of the steps involved in the complete process is compromised and each one of them is followed with utmost precision. Starting from selecting the materials which are used, we ensure the use of quality materials which derive value to the final product. After selection of the materials, the pre-processing stage is also carried out with care to re-affirm the quality of the materials that are being used. This stage also involves the classification of materials. Once the materials are selected, processed, and classified we start with effective cleaning of the sae in order to maintain our policy of purity. The cleaned material are then subjected to blast freeze until and unless they get frozen. This is followed by vacuum sealing of the packed materials. The process is then finally followed by sterilization of the sealed products which ensure safety. We at S.S. Agro foods use the latest production technologies which are efficient as well as simple. Our top class manufacturing process ensures that the product life is extremely long with none of the nutrient components getting destroyed and the products are convenient to use and eat fresh. The technicians and workers involved throughout the process of manufacturing at our units are properly trained about the various ways and techniques to maintain the standards. They are highly skilled and efficient which also helps us in manufacturing top quality products. We at S.S. Agro food pay extra attention to the quality and packaging of our products. All the products which are manufactured are in alignment with the best quality standards expected. The packaging is also taken care of effectively for effective handling and consumption. It often happens with food products, especially frozen food products, that when they move along the chain of production, the nutritional value keeps on diminishing further. This is so predominant in the agro foods industry that by the time the product is packaged and delivered to the customer, it almost loses all the nutritional values. But at S.S. Agro Foods we take care of the same and with the help of latest means and techniques along with the highly qualified workers, ensure that the nutritional value of the product does not decrease by even a single point. In alignment with our vision we have a quality control team which makes sure that quality is not compromised anywhere in the whole process before the products get delivered to the consumers. S.S. Agro Foods believes in producing freshness, retaining freshness, packing freshness, & delivering freshness.

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